Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Funny Things are Happening at the Peterson House

There are so many funny things to post that are going on at our house, most of them have to do with Lydia. She is at such a fun stage, her personality is really starting to shine. As I posted previously, she has come to believe that her stuffed animals are real, or at least she treats them as if they are. She puts them to bed on the couch and covers them before she takes a nap. She also then has to kiss each one and then the other day she patted each one on the head. Now wait, I don't think we pat her on the head before a nap?! She has put them in time-out, tried to feed them, change their diapers and I even caught her washing the bears mouth and paws with the washcloth we use to wash her mouth and hands after she eats. Here she is washing the bear up and here is the bear in time-out.

The Green Bear Needed a Timeout

The Green Bear Get His Face Washed After Lunch

Lydia also has become a little bit of a clean freak. Yesterday she noticed crumbs on her foot rest of the highchair. She got my attention and then pointed at them and pulled up her nose. Then she went and got a wash cloth and washed off the foot rest. After that, she proceeded to get down on her knees and scrub the floor under the table! I hope this phase lasts!


The last funny thing I don't have pictures of, but I think it is still funny. Yesterday Lydia and I went to a thrift store (along with a few other errands). When we got home I sent an e-mail to Jim telling him about our morning and I mentioned that I had gotten him black tea at the thrift store and asked him, "you needed black, right?" Well I got 2 e-mails from him back. The first one said, "You bought tea at a thrift store?" and the second one said, "Is it used?" I guess I didn't think how funny it would sound that I bought the tea at the thrift store. And no, it is not used.